Arduino Due VGA and TV library


The Due VGA library is a library for generating a VGA or NTSC/PAL composite video signal from an Arduino Due. Supported resolutions are up to 320x240 in 8-bit colour and 800x600 in 1-bit monochrome. The circuit is very simple, requiring just 3 resistors for monochrome and 10 resistors for colour.

The library has basic graphics functions for points, lines, triangles, circles and rectangles. The Print library is subclassed, giving Arduino-style print(...) and println(...) functions for text output and allowing a VGA monitor to be used in place of a computer and serial monitor in standalone applications.


Download and unpack the TAR or ZIP file above. Move the VGA directory into your Arduino libraries directory, then (re)start the Arduino IDE.

For instructions on how to wire up the Arduino Due to the VGA socket, click here

For instructions on wiring the Due for NTSC/PAL TV output, click here

TV out


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