Arduino Due VGA and TV library

Building the circuit on a breadboard

Monochrome modes require just 3 resistors. Colour needs 10 resistors. Values are as follows:

Resistor Quantity
Both modes 82Ω 2
Monochrome 100Ω 1
Colour 2.2kΩ 2
1kΩ 2
820Ω 1
470Ω 2
390Ω 1

(If you have 2kΩ or 510Ω resistors you may use these instead of 2.2kΩ and 470Ω for more accurate colour)

This picture shows how to wire everything up:

Due VGA library breadboard circuit
The MOSI pin is the bottom-centre pin of the 6-pin SPI connector just below the SAM3X chip - this and the 100 ohm resistor is only needed for monochrome modes. Similarly the connections to pins 34-41 and corresponding resistors are only needed for colour modes.

The above picture has the VGA socket wired for colour modes. For monochrome modes, connect the VGA RGB wires to the 100 ohm resistor as below:

Due VGA library monochrome breadboard curcuit

VGA socket wiring

Due VGA socket wiring

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