Arduino Due VGA and TV library

Building the circuit for TV output

The circuit for NTSC and PAL modes is the same. It requires 6 resistors and 1 100uF capacitor.

Correct resistor value Compromise resistor value
NTSC/PAL 3.2kΩ 3.3kΩ
1.6kΩ 1.5kΩ
800Ω 820Ω
400Ω 390Ω
200Ω 200Ω
100Ω 100Ω

Use the correct resistor values where you can if you have them. The compromise column shows alternative values which are more commonly available. You can use resistors in series or parallel to make up values you do not have.

This is the circuit diagram:

TV out resistor DAC circuit

TV out

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